PGY-1, Class of 2019

  • Cynthia Chen, DO | Western University
  • Gerardo Hernandez, MD | UC Davis
  • Denise Lu, DO | Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Brittany Mastin, DO | Western University
  • Leah Phan, DO | Touro University
  • Julie Ramirez, DO | Western University
  • Edric Ruiz, MD  | UC Davis
  • Aditi Shastri, MD | Drexel University

PGY-2, Class of 2018

  • Shannon Bell, DO | Western University
  • Tony Hsu, MD | Univesity of Cincinnati
  • Francie Jablonski, MD | Case Western Reserve
  • Hannah Karp Wiefel, MD | Drexel University
  • Sandrine Lee, DO | Western University
  • Ami Ni, MD | Tufts University
  • Sergio Viera | UAG/New York Medical College 5th Pathway
  • Andrea Yanez, MD | UC Davis

PGY-3, Class of 2017

  • Anny Ching, MD | Michigan State University
  • Sarah Fang, DO | Western University
  • Navid Javani, MD, MPH | New York Medical College
  • Aileen Kurobe, MD | UC Irvine School of Medicine
  • Benjamin Leong, MD, MPH | Tulane University
  • Jenny Phung-Payne, MD | UC Davis
  • David Tran, MD | UC Irvine School of Medicine


ChenCynthia Chen, DO | Western University
From: Yorba Linda, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I feel that the training at Long Beach Memorial was unique when compared with many other programs that I had seen. The program is a community hospital that offered high patient exposure with plenty of procedure experience on rotation and in the ED, which is exactly what I am looking for. Even with the high work load, every single resident and faculty member was kind and made an effort to teach. I felt that that Long Beach Memorial was a program where I could flourish as a physician, and where I could truly receive the best possible training as a resident.
Medical Interests: Public health and policy, maternal and child health, global medicine, and procedures
Hobbies: Traveling, eating, cooking, reading, gymning, and binge watching TV shows while eating chips, salsa and guac :) .
Fun Fact About Yourself: I just got married in March! I played piano for 12 years. I love avocados, and I greatly dislike crunchy foods (like nuts).


HernandezGerardo Hernandez, MD | UC Davis
From: Maywood, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? The city of Long Beach has always held a special place in my heart. Having completed my undergrad at CSULB (GO BEACH!), volunteered at St. Mary’s, and worked at the Long Beach VA in clinical research, Long Beach has given me the opportunity to interact with and serve a diverse population and address the ongoing health disparities within such a large area in Los Angeles County. As I was applying to residency, I knew that my heart was in Los Angeles because my mission in medicine was always to come back home and serve the people I grew up with. During interviews, Long Beach Memorial has always stood out to me because of their amazing residents and supportive faculty and staff. Long Beach Memorial had it all: full spectrum family medicine, emphasis in health policy, outstanding community service, a focused track in OB, a great pediatric hospital, and sports medicine. With such a large set of options during residency, the faculty are well equipped to help guide you to fulfill your interests in medicine and take you to a whole new level in leadership. The support at Long Beach Memorial is amazing, from the clinic staff to faculty. Everyone is genuinely invested in your learning and education and want you to succeed. I am super happy to be training at Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine Program and serving the communities in need.
Medical Interests: Underserved medicine, preventive and community medicine, and mentorship with underrepresented minorities interested in the health field.
Hobbies: Playing music, going to concerts, and discovering new music are some of my favorite things to do! Other hobbies include reading fictional books, hiking, and playing soccer.
Fun Fact About Yourself: Harry Potter is my best friend, Han Solo is my uncle, and Gandalf is my grandpa!


LuDenise Lu, DO | Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
From: San Jose, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I initially became interested in the LBMMC program because of the reputation of the hospital and by hearing the great experiences other students had while rotating with the program. It was important for me to find a program that was community-focused and fully embraced the meaning of a family physician in the curriculum. After meeting the staff and residents and meeting patients as a fourth-year Sub-I, I knew I would feel at home at this program and receive the support and challenges that I need to grow as a physician.
Medical Interests: I chose family medicine because I have lots of interests in many different medical fields but I especially love women’s health, obstetrics, adolescent medicine, community-oriented culturally-focused medicine, and sports medicine.
Hobbies: I enjoy all things fitness – running, yoga, Pilates, strength training & hiking. I also enjoy planning trips and reading. I am a huge animal lover.
Fun Fact About Yourself: I was the proud parent of Spike, a chinchilla, for 7 years. Prior to going into medical school I was a Pilates instructor.


MastinBrittany Mastin, DO | Western University
From: I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, so Long Beach isn’t far from home. Except of course when there is traffic, which let’s face it, there always is. Honestly, I might as well be from Oregon. After spending 4 years in Pennsylvania at Bucknell University, I decided it was time to venture back toward home and serve the community that raised me.

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? The commitment to community outreach and the strong curriculum drew me to LBMMC. In addition to being a great family medicine program where I felt I would get excellent training, I really enjoyed the program’s comraderie and collaborative mentality. After completing a month- long sub-internship here, it quickly felt like home. The strong sense of community provides a wonderful learning and working environment. I’m thrilled to be a part of the LBMMC family!
Medical Interests: Women’s health and family planning, community medicine & health policy.
Hobbies: Traveling, baking, board games, hiking and spending time with family and friends.
Fun Fact About Yourself: For my 8th birthday party my parents set up an obstacle course in my back yard, complete with a bike race, Slip ’N Slide and a zip line. I secretly (now publically) want to re-create this for my next birthday.


PhanLeah Phan, DO | Touro University
From: Westminster, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I’ve spent most of my life in SoCal and having the opportunity to come back to serve in my community is a true honor. I wanted a diverse training program with a strong emphasis on both inpatient and outpatient medicine. I also wanted to continue working with underserved populations in my local community and LBM had it all! From my first emails with the staff to my wonderful interview day, I knew that Long Beach Memorial was where I wanted to train.
Medical Interests: Preventive medicine, community health and access, and underserved populations.
Hobbies: Traveling, cooking, hiking & being outdoors!
Fun Fact About Yourself: I once caught a 39.9 lb tuna…and there’s a video on YouTube.


RamirezJulie Ramirez, DO | Western University
From:I grew up in Los Angeles, which means my favorite childhood memories include going to Dodger games, free summer night events in downtown LA with family and friends, and going to concerts.

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? Long Beach Memorial encompasses everything I was looking for in a program. There are several community outreach opportunities; we see such a diverse population, strong inpatient and women’s health, along with a very supportive faculty, employees and residents all who enjoy teaching.
Medical Interests: I love community medicine. I enjoy working in pipeline programs and peer groups that teach adolescents empowerment tools. Community Medicine allows us to address the social aspects and barriers we see in the communities we serve. I believe working on community projects is key for preventive health because we get to know our patients outside of the clinical environment.
Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, including road trips to different parts of California. My favorite trip has been traveling to Peru, where I stayed for 15 days with only the bare essentials that I carried in my small backpack.
Fun Fact About Yourself: During undergrad I studied abroad in Puebla, Mexico. Every weekend I explored a different city, including Oaxaca with its silver mines, Acapulco, and Tenochtitlan back when it was still permitted to walk up the pyramids.


RuizEdric Ruiz, MD | UC Davis

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I chose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine because of its commitment to creating a supportive, and welcoming environment for residents. All the residents and faculty I met on interview day were very nice and genuinely interested in getting to know the applicants. The program is in Long Beach, which is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country. I knew this would prepare me to become cognizant of the health disparities affecting such a diverse population. Long Beach Memorial also gives me the opportunity to continue my passion for mentorship. Through specific outreach programs, we have the unique opportunity to work directly in the community to inspire and empower the youth with the knowledge to create change and pursue higher education.
Medical Interests: Community medicine, palliative care, sports medicine and mentorship.
Hobbies: I love sports, especially basketball and soccer. I love the Lakers. I enjoy eating, watching films, trying to read more, and running.
Fun Fact About Yourself: I enjoy Korean dramas; my favorite Korean actor is Lee Jong-Suk.


ShastriAditi Shastri, MD | Drexel University
From: Berkeley, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? The people I met on interview day were perhaps the biggest influence on my decision. The faculty, staff, and residents were genuinely happy and down to earth. The residents were extremely passionate about the program and the supportive, collaborative environment in which they trained. I was excited about Long Beach Memorial because it provides strong training across the board – in outpatient medicine, inpatient medicine, women’s health, peds, and procedures. Like most family medicine enthusiasts, I have many areas of interest and my interests keep evolving. I knew I would get rigorous training in whatever aspect of family medicine I was drawn to during residency. To top it off, the program’s sincere commitment to engaging with the broader community to provide education and access to care really resonated with my interests and I knew it would be a great fit!
Medical Interests: Global health, preventive medicine, procedures, urgent care, and providing access to underserved populations.
Hobbies: Traveling and exploring new cultures, hiking, playing board games, crossword puzzles and yoga.
Fun Fact About Yourself: I’m 100% from India, but I’m often confused for being from other another country. I’m at 8 countries and counting!


BellShannon Bell, MD | Western University
From: Redlands, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? This program is filled with passionate, dedicated, down to earth folks that I wanted to work with. Of course, LBMMC has all of the good stuff I like too: home visits, plenty of OB opportunity for the taking, excellent clinic experience with preceptors that are great teachers, but most importantly, the people made me want to come here. The programs put on by the residents reflect their excitement for medicine and their commitment to improving their community — it is inspiring and I am so excited to be here!
Medical Interests: My original passion and love will always be in women’s health. I love being a part of medicine and educating women about their bodies and their health. I also love being a mother who can share in the common female experiences throughout our reproductive lives. In the past few years I’ve fallen more in love with geriatric care and have ignited my desire to work with the elderly population…maybe post-menopausal women’s health as a future?!
Hobbies: My favorite things to cook are vegetarian dishes, vegan baking and soups of any kind…soup is the best meal. And when I remember that life is all about balance, I fall back into the groove of yoga that I love so much and have been practicing for the past 10 years, mainly Iyengar with a sporadic stints in Bikram, prenatal, and of course, mommy-baby yoga which is just the best.
Fun Fact About Yourself: As a child I went to circus camp for 5 years and was in the Redlands Y Circus (the oldest community circus in the nation, I should add). I did the spanish web but always secretly wanted to be a unicyclist.


HsuTony Hsu, MD | University of Cincinnati
From: San Diego, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? Cuz… Snoop Dogg! Just kidding. I grew up in SoCal, so it was a big draw for me to be back around family, friends, good food, and great weather. More than that though, I was looking for a program that had strong training in inpatient medicine, peds, and procedures, and I found that Long Beach Memorial had everything I was hoping for (and a lot of other great things, too). I loved that there are a lot of opportunities here to engage people outside of the hospital/clinic through different outreach programs because it just showed me that the people here really care about and value the community and the patients they serve. I also liked that there are some great opportunities to be involved in global health, because my experiences with global health in the past have had a big role in shaping the way I approach medicine and patient care. To top it off, I just felt like everyone I met on interview day seemed genuinely happy and down-to-earth, and those are the kind of people I want to be surrounded by as I learn how to become the kind of doctor I hope to be one day.
Medical Interests: Pediatric/Adult medicine, procedures, patient education, global health
Hobbies: Tennis, drums, hiking, movies, “cooking”, watching cooking shows as I eat my burnt my food.
Fun Fact About Yourself: My biggest fears are spiders, hair that is no longer attached to someone’s body, and awkward silences/situations.


JablonskyFrancie Jablonski, MD | Case Western Reserve
From: Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? My number one commitment is to excellence in primary care, and the program at Long Beach Memorial embodies that mission. Additionally, I was looking for an unopposed residency with a strong community service tradition, diversity of patients and residents, and friendly and supportive faculty. Although I took a brief sojourn to Ohio for medical school, I lived all over California for five years prior and I was ready to come back.
Medical Interests: Like most family doctors, I have many! A few of my specific interests include LGBT health, women’s health and family planning, obstetrics, and rural medicine.
Hobbies: Photography, hiking, camping, reading, and gardening
Fun Fact About Yourself: I volunteered at a wildlife rescue center in Thailand with bears, monkeys, a tiger, otters, birds, civets, elephants, and one free-roaming horse that had to be continually chased away from eating compost or dog food!


Karp WiefelHannah Karp Wiefel, MD | Drexel University
From: Sherman Oaks, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? Aside from the fact that Long Beach is an ideal location with perfect weather (thanks, Philadelphia, but this SoCal native has had enough of your winters), I chose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine because it’s a program with great people, rigorous academic training, and a strong commitment to community with a culturally and socioeconomically diverse patient population. Prior to my interview, I had heard positive things about the program and had a feeling I would fit in with the residents given their interests listed in these bios. My interview day confirmed all of this – I felt very welcomed, met lots of down-to-earth people who made me feel at ease, and left with a positive feeling. Additionally, the personal and friendly communication from this program throughout interview season made it stand out compared with other programs.
Medical Interests: Preventive Medicine, Community Medicine, Pediatrics
Hobbies: Anything having to do with food – cooking, baking, trying new restaurants, nutrition; hiking; running (well, jogging…or walking); crossword puzzles; reading
Fun Fact About Yourself: I love Harry Potter and have a tabby cat named Gryffindor.


Lee SandrineSandrine Lee, DO | Western University
From: Tahiti

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I was looking for an unopposed community-based program with an excellent reputation, which would give me a strong training in inpatient and outpatient care, women’s health, obstetrics and procedures. I also wanted to work with a culturally and economically diverse patient population. Long Beach Memorial offered all of this and even more. When I came to interview, the faculty and residents were all extremely welcoming and supportive, and there was a great camaraderie between them. That sealed the deal! Also, being from a little island, the fact that Long Beach is close to the ocean was a big plus! I couldn’t be happier!!
Medical Interests: Women’s health, obstetrics, preventative health, underserved populations, integrative medicine, geriatrics
Hobbies: I love spending time with my family, dancing, traveling and discovering different cultures and cuisines, and relaxing on the beach. I also like photography, classical music and movies.
Fun Fact About Yourself: People always get confused after meeting me because I am ethnically Chinese but I was born and raised in Tahiti and my primary language is French.


NiAmy Ni, MD | Tufts University
From: Mountain Lakes, NJ

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? It’s the perfect fit for me! From the first time I heard about Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine program at Kansas City AAFP conference, I just felt like I connected with the people. Everyone is really down to earth and I could tell that Long Beach creates a really supportive and collaborative environment for learning. Residency is not easy but it can enjoyable if you’re surrounded by the right people. Most of the clinical sites are on the Long Beach Memorial campus which allows residents to really understand the needs of the community and gives residents the opportunity to make an impact. Long Beach is a unique program that has excellent teaching and a great residency family that can shape me to be the physican I want to be. I’m also looking forward to escaping the cold snowy winters of Boston and enjoying the sunny beach city of Long Beach!
Interests: Women’s health, preventive medicine, integrative medicine
Hobbies: Traveling and exploring new cultures, photography, cooking/eating, tennis, yoga
Fun Fact About Yourself: I tried to start my own garden last year but fought over the use of the garden bed with a neighborhood cat who used it as his litterbox. The cat won. Although I don’t have the space to garden this year, I am enjoying the plethroa of farmers’ markets in Southern California.


VieraSergio Viera, MD | UAG/New York Medical College, 5th Pathway
From: Orange, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I originally started my Family Medicine Residency at a different program here in California, but with the closure of that program circumstances allowed me to land here and be part of a great program. I did not know much about Long Beach Memorial, but when I was given the opportunity to come visit the program the residents and faculty were very kind and welcoming. I quickly felt that I would fit in just nicely. Also the diverse patient population was a catch. Lastly, I would be near home.
Medical Interests: Outpatient; Preventive Medicine; Community Medicine; Sports Medicine
Hobbies: Spending as much time as possible with my family. Love to play soccer, baseball, and softball.
Fun Fact About Yourself: While playing College Soccer, I was selected to tryout for the LA Galaxy, but declined the opportunity to pursue my career in Medicine.


YanezAndrea Yanez, MD | UC Davis
From: Bakersfield, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? There are so many reasons I chose Long Beach Memorial for residency. The residents and faculty were wonderful and created a supportive learning environment, with opportunities in areas of my interests. The program is largely unopposed with fun, interactive didactics and a strong commitment to the community.
Medical Interests: I have many, but my main interests include underserved/community medicine, mental health integration into primary care, obstetrics, adolescent medicine, and global health.
Hobbies: I love being outdoors: camping, hiking, and biking. I try to keep active with sports like tennis and volleyball, and joined a boxing gym last year. My fiancé and I enjoy learning new board games and hanging out at the beach. We cannot wait to explore the Long Beach area.
Fun Fact About Yourself: I went Volcano surfing in Nicaragua.


ChingAnny Ching, MD | Michigan State University
From: San Francisco, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I used to race with my dragon boat team at Long Beach in high school and college and always thought that it was a beautiful location. Then I did a subinternship at Long Beach Memorial during my 4th year in medical school and absolutely fell in love with the program! All the residents, faculty, staff, and administrators are super friendly and supportive. They embodied the full scope practice of family medicine that I was looking for. In my first week alone, I was able to assist with a flex sigmoidoscopy, a skin tag removal, and a joint injection. I loved the variety of procedures and the diverse patient population. Their extensive involvement in the community was also a major draw. In my 4 week rotation, I participated in their tobacco cessation program at an elementary school (Tar Wars), taught families about healthy eating (Fit Families), helped perform sports physicals at a local high school, and went on home visits for the elderly patients. I had so much fun and it is truly inspiring to be surrounded by such passionate learners and teachers. I am so excited to be training at such an amazing program!
Medical Interests: Adolescent medicine, Nutrition and Fitness, Preventive health.
Hobbies: Dragon boat paddling, outrigger canoeing, running, dancing, hiking, traveling, reading, exploring farmer’s markets, and supporting my SF Giants, SF 49ers, and UCLA Bruins!
Fun Fact About Yourself: I love reading popular fantasy/alternate universe young adult books which makes me feel as young as I look.


FangSarah Fang, DO | Western University
From: Massachusetts & Santa Cruz, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I chose Long Beach Memorial because it is the perfect fit. As a Sub-I, I was continually impressed with the quality of training across the board from the hospital to didactics, the knowledge and care provided by the residents, the support of the administrators and ancillary employees, and the diverse patient population. This is an environment that nurtures curiosity, and patient advocacy, and that emphasizes improving community health. Plus, folks are always smiling around here! The values and goals of Long Beach Family Medicine resonated with what I want in a training program.
Medical Interests: In true Family Medicine fashion, my medical interests are numerous: Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Global Health, Integrative Medicine, Sports Medicine, Community Health and Access, providing care to underserved populations, and teaching.
Hobbies:Culinary experiments (creating and devouring), adventuring and discovering, SCUBA, running, dancing, swimming, hiking, reading, snowboarding. Smiling until my face hurts.
Fun fact about yourself: When I was 22 I drove across the country in a 1971 VW bus and then bought a one-way ticket to Tanzania. Adventures ensued…


JavaniNavid S. Javani, MD, MPH | New York Medical College
From: Cranston, RI, then Canton, MA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? The interview trail helped me highlight some key aspects I was hoping for in a residency program: diverse patient population in an affordable urban location, unopposed program with a strong reputation and solid procedural training, faculty who would support my interests and nice facilities (I remember the cafeteria seeming like a really very important factor haha). Long Beach Memorial impressed me in all these areas, but the people sealed the deal. I got along really well with them during my visits and was also happy hanging out with them at the socials, which made it a very natural choice.
Medical Interests: Global Health, Community Medicine, Preventative Health
Hobbies: Exploring cultures through travel and food, spinning, FC Barcelona, photography.
Fun fact about yourself: I had a Persian wedding to a beautiful Bolivian lady at the Irish cultural centre in my hometown of Canton, MA.


KurobeAileen Kurobe, MD, | University California, Irvine
From: I grew up in Tokyo, Japan and went to international and American schools there.

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I chose Long Beach Memorial mainly because of the people. During my fourth year of medical school I did a sub-internship at Long Beach and was attracted by how the program felt like one big family. I was inspired by all of the faculty members and senior residents and impressed by their medical knowledge and compassion. It was important to me that I work in a place that trains residents adequately in pediatrics and women’s health. Because Long Beach Memorial residents rotate through Miller Children’s Hospital with UCI/CHOC residents and work with UCI’s ob/gyn residents, I knew I would get excellent training in those areas. The diversity of the patient population in terms of cultural backgrounds and socioeconomic status also drew me to Long Beach. Although I was raised in Tokyo, I spent my summers in Redondo Beach with my cousins. It’s definitely an added bonus that I will be close to my family through residency!
Medical Interests: Adolescent medicine, geriatrics, and women’s health.
Hobbies: Running, swimming, playing volleyball, cooking, eating, singing, dancing, traveling, and spending time with my big family!
Fun fact about yourself: During my junior year in college I went on Semester at Sea where I lived on a ship for 100 days and traveled to 9 different countries with more than 2,000 other students!


LeongBenjamin Leong, MD, MPH | Tulane University
From: Novato, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I was looking for a balanced inpatient and outpatient curriculum along with a program having strong ties to its community. Take this and combine it with how amazing everybody was during my interview day at Long Beach and I found my dream program! Plus I get to return back to Southern California where I went to college!
Medical Interests: Culinary medicine/nutrition, sports medicine, chronic disease management, public health
Hobbies: The San Francisco Giants and 49ers, cooking, baseball, traveling, spending time with family and friends
Fun fact about yourself: I had the opportunity to go to culinary school for my last medical school rotation ever in order to learn about how food can still taste amazing while cutting down the amount of calories, fats, and sodium


Phung-PayneJenny Phung-Payne, MD | University of California, Davis
From: Baldwin Park, CA and Las Vegas, NV

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? Strong and proud family medicine, patient population, location, and Dr. Jay W. Lee
Medical Interests: Behavioral medicine/mental health, ethnic and socioeconomic health disparities, and mentoring future physicians
Hobbies: Running, swimming, tennis (very amateur), following Asian American news, camping, cooking (especially America’s Test Kitchen recipes). Hoping to pick up gardening
Fun fact about yourself: I can sing like Shakira


TranDavid Tran, MD | University California, Irvine
From: Downey, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? The depth of diversity, community service, and leadership. I was looking for a training program that is heavily invested in its community. Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine fulfills that mission through outreach to local elementary schools, high school sports medicine, and care for the underserved in the Westside Clinic. I am proud to help care for such a culturally and economically diverse patient population. Most importantly, I am fulfilling my dream of giving back and providing primary care for the community where I grew up.
Medical Interests: Geriatrics, global health, Vietnamese-American community health
Hobbies: Writing, martial arts, and rollerblading
Fun fact about yourself: I spend my free time rollerblading on half pipes.