PGY-1, Class of 2021

  • Roshelle Chan, MD | UC Davis
  • Chelsey Ferrell, DO | AT Still University
  • Melissa Huynh, MD | Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Amy Komure, MD | USC
  • Justin Mauser, MD | Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Daniel Reichman, DO | Touro University
  • Gregory Reynolds, MD | UC Davis
  • Phoebe Smith, MD | Rosalind Franklin University

PGY-2, Class of 2020

  • Grace Brantingham, DO | Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Odrin Castillo, DO | Touro University
  • Walter Chang, MD| UC Davis
  • Mindy Goh, DO | Western University
  • Cynthia Gonzalez, MD, MBA | UC Irvine
  • Chris Gornes, MD | Virginia Commonwealth
  • Susana Sandoval, MD | USC
  • Anokhi Shah, MD | Saint Louis University

PGY-3, Class of 2019

  • Cynthia Chen, DO | Western University
  • Gerardo Hernandez, MD | UC Davis
  • Denise Lu, DO | Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Brittany Mastin, DO | Western University
  • Leah Phan, DO | Touro University
  • Julie Ramirez, DO | Western University
  • Edric Ruiz, MD  | UC Davis
  • Aditi Shastri, MD | Drexel University

Graduates, Class of 2018

  • Shannon Bell, DO | Western University
  • Tony Hsu, MD | Univesity of Cincinnati
  • Francie Jablonski, MD | Case Western Reserve
  • Hannah Karp Wiefel, MD | Drexel University
  • Sandrine Lee, DO | Western University
  • Ami Ni, MD | Tufts University
  • Sergio Viera | UAG/New York Medical College 5th Pathway
  • Andrea Yanez, MD | UC Davis


Chan-RoshelleRoshelle Chan, MD | UC Davis
From: San Francisco, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? When I first learned about Long Beach Memorial, it struck me as a very warm, unique and well-rounded place to train. During my interview and revisit, not only did meeting everyone at the program affirm my initial feelings, but I was also very impressed with the positive energy and kindness of the entire team. Whether staff, patients or visitors, everyone was welcomed and included as a part of their family. The work and learning environment is incredibly supportive and collaborative. Their mission and commitment to serve diverse, underserved communities were very apparent, and I was especially drawn to the many opportunities for community work with youth, women, and LGBTQ populations. This, along with the well-balanced and broad spectrum curriculum, convinced me that LBM would be a perfect fit. I’m thrilled to join this program and the Long Beach family!
Medical Interests: Underserved community medicine, preventive medicine, health education, women’s health, sexual health.
Hobbies: Traveling to scenic locations, trying all types of desserts, going to amusement parks, eating sour candy, decorating things, and spending quality time with friends and family.
Fun Fact About Yourself: I’ve never been bitten by a mosquito! (…or at least never had a reaction to a bite.)
I love activities involving heights, such as rollercoasters, high glass elevators and zip-lining.


Horath-ChelseyChelsey Ferrell, DO | AT Still University
From: Bakersfield, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I was looking for a strong family medicine program in California that offered a community environment, a friendly and supportive work environment, and the opportunity to pursue an emphasis in OB and maternity care. My whole interview experience really influenced me to make LBM my number one choice, as it was a very warm, inviting, friendly atmosphere. It also just felt like a great fit to be back in Southern California, close to my and my husband’s families, and to be by the beach, which has always been my wish. I got the impression that LBM really supports and allows their residents to take many different routes within family medicine and helps to develop those interests. The availability of multiple diverse specialized “tracks” was very appealing to me, especially one in OB/ maternity care.
Medical Interests: OB/maternity care, women’s health, pediatrics, procedures, and community and underserved medical care, to name just a few.
Hobbies: Spending time with my husband and our doggie daughter, Jaeda, visiting family, eating, trying new restaurants, Philadelphia Eagles football, NFL and sports games in general, frolicking on the beach, painting, reality TV shows, and shopping.
Fun Fact About Yourself: I am a newlywed as of April 2018! Somehow my husband predicted that we would get married in the year 2017, when we met in high school in 2011, despite the fact that we did not have any sort of romantic relationship back then. Though his prediction was off by a few months, he still reminds almost daily about how he predicted the future.


Huynh-MelissaMelissa Huynh, MD | Virginia Commonwealth University
From: Oceanside, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? Where do I begin?! Long Beach Memorial’s curriculum, resident culture and learning environment were exactly what I was looking for and I did not have to compromise on anything. An active commitment to community engagement, an underserved/diverse patient population, and full-spectrum training were my “must haves”, and the program has it all! In addition, the ultrasound curriculum and training in LGBTQ care are such unique aspects, and although I did not necessarily have those interests initially, I was beyond excited for these opportunities. In the end though, it was truly the residents, staff and faculty on the day of my interview who all made it seem like this place would be where I felt at home and comfortable with having not just the good days, but also any bad days.
Medical Interests: Community medicine, global health, preventive medicine, palliative medicine, teaching and adolescent medicine.
Hobbies: Anything that involves being outside, such as hiking, backpacking or even “glamping”. I also love planning trips abroad, and my current goal is to travel to a different continent every year of residency.
Fun Fact About Yourself: In my fourth year of medical school I got kicked out of the National Portrait Gallery for sneaking in to see the Obama portrait after hours.


Komure-AmyAmy Komure, MD | USC
From: Stockton, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I first heard about Long Beach Memorial when one of the residents spoke at the CAFP FM Summit, and I remember being so impressed by their story. I felt like this program had the right balance of rigor, extra-curricular activities and community involvement with a diverse patient population, and faculty who were committed to continuing to improve the program. I felt right at home with everyone I met during my interview day and found myself looking forward to seeing them all again at the social. Two out of my three sisters also live in Long Beach, so I was happy to move closer to them.
Medical Interests: Full spectrum family medicine! Also public health, policy, health care access and delivery models, social determinants, women’s health and health education.
Hobbies: Musicals, San Francisco Giants, Villanova basketball, Netflix, eating and sometimes cooking, trying to improve my knitting skills, reading, and relaxing with my family
Fun Fact About Yourself: I realized I was accident prone after breaking my fourth bone. I know every line of Hamilton and saw the original Broadway cast in New York.


Mauser-JustinJustin Mauser, MD | Virginia Commonwealth University
From: Phoenix, AZ

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I learned about the LBM Family Medicine program when I met Dr. Herzog and a few of the residents at the annual Family Medicine Conference in Kansas City in my fourth year of medical school. Their overall enthusiasm for the program and Long Beach as a whole roped me in right away. It was pretty obvious from the start that this was my dream program as they characterized their broad spectrum training, a wellness curriculum prioritizing resident health and wellness, and a strong sports medicine track with opportunities for outpatient procedural training, as well as a newly developed point of care ultrasound curriculum. I am fortunate to have joined a training site that feels like it was tailor-made to my interests with a social and inclusive group of residents and faculty that immediately made me feel a part of their family. It doesn’t hurt that I am now in the beautiful SoCal climate that is conducive to my many outdoor hobbies and much closer to my family in Phoenix compared to my alma mater in Richmond, Virginia.
Medical Interests: All over the place, but include sports medicine, point of care/musculoskeletal ultrasound, wilderness medicine, integrative health, and implementation of wellness and nutrition programs for the prevention of chronic disease at both community and institutional levels.
Hobbies: Cooking with herbs from my garden, watching cult classic movies, trail running, backcountry camping, live music, and bicycle touring. I’m hoping to learn to sail here in LB!
Fun Fact About Yourself: I wrestled from the time I was six years old and went on to win the 5A DII Arizona state championship in 2007 at 145 pounds. Side note: I was coached shortly by American wrestler and Olympian Rulon Gardner before he won the gold medal in Sydney in the 2000 Olympics.


Reichman-DanielDaniel Reichman, DO | Touro University
From: San Fernando Valley, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? During my fourth year sub-internship I was lucky enough to see firsthand how Long Beach Memorial combines large academic center resources with the feeling of a much smaller community hospital – all with a strong emphasis on community involvement and underserved populations. The culture here, from the top down, simultaneously carries the weight of responsibility for your patients while also maintaining a lightness that can only come from a group of people who truly enjoy what they do. That culture creates an environment where everyone learns from each other with the common goals of self-improvement, systems improvement and compassionate, thoughtful patient care. Most of all, I’m excited about Long Beach Memorial because I know that this program will provide both the challenges and the support to help mold me into the best physician that I can possibly be. Having grown up in the San Fernando Valley, being close to my family during residency is icing on the cake!
Medical Interests: Sports medicine, community medicine, geriatrics, adolescent medicine, underserved populations, global health, preventive medicine, mental health, inpatient medicine, diabetes, and mentorship.
Hobbies: Camping, hiking, basketball, reading, listening to podcasts, amateur woodworking, and spending time with my grandma.
Fun Fact About Yourself: In college I worked at a Teen Center and lost at least two (but more commonly four to five) games of foosball every shift I worked.


Reynolds-GregGregory Reynolds, MD | UC Davis
From: Concord and Colfax, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I chose Long Beach Memorial because of the strong emphasis on community and service to the people of Long Beach, in combination with a curriculum that prepares well-rounded, competent family physicians. Not to mention the faculty and residents at this program were incredibly kind, open to questions and generally welcoming in all of my experiences and made this program feel instantly like home. Also, being close to the beach and in the sunshine never hurts.
Medical Interests: I am an unabashed generalist, but if forced to choose I would say that behavioral health and community medicine are my strongest interests, although I enjoy pediatrics, geriatrics, OB and sports as well.
Hobbies: My hobbies include running, hiking and generally spending time outdoors, along with keeping a peripheral eye on the vast majority of professional sports. I also enjoy movies, TV, music and general pop culture.
Fun Fact About Yourself: I have a strange love of New Zealand and its culture, especially its humor. Flight of the Conchords and Taika Waititi movies make me laugh a ridiculous amount.


Smith-PhoebePhoebe Smith, MD | Rosalind Franklin University
From: Tucson, AZ

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I chose Long Beach for a multitude of reasons. I have always wanted to live in Southern California, so a lot of my residency search focused in this area. When I discovered this program in Long Beach, I was drawn in by the community hospital environment with strong academic ties. The patient population in the clinic and hospital is truly diverse and the program has long-standing roots in the surrounding community. I was especially drawn to the connection with the local LGBTQ center and the opportunity to work to create a more robust focus in this underserved area of medicine. In the end, of course, I felt welcomed and happy on my interview day talking to the friendly residents and faculty. Even after long shifts, the residents were having a good time with one another and seemed genuinely pleased to be where they were.
Medical Interests: Women’s health, LGBTQ+ health, maternity care, adolescent medicine, and procedures.
Hobbies: Reading (especially fantasy and sci fi), dancing for fun and fitness, getting outdoors to the beach/mountains, traveling as much as possible, and hanging out with my two cats, Beans and Butternut
Fun Fact About Yourself: I used to have a pet tarantula when I was a kid.


BrantinghamGrace Brantingham, DO | Ohio University School of Osteopathic Medicine
From: Warren, OH

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I was looking for a strong Family Medicine residency program with a diverse patient population, a supportive community environment, balance of inpatient, outpatient and maternal opportunities, and the opportunity to use Spanish regularly. Faculty experience and a vision for the future of Family Medicine were also important to me. I found all of this and more at Memorial, and the amazing weather didn’t hurt either!
Medical Interests: Family medicine! Within that, especially maternity care, osteopathic manual medicine, nutrition, derm procedures, pediatrics, women’s health, underserved medicine, advocacy, and whole-person care.
Hobbies: Yoga, swing and salsa dancing, hiking, travel, thrift shopping, and exploring new cuisines and cultures.
Fun Fact About Yourself: I was in ballet and modern dance growing up, during which I performed as mouse, clown, soldier, flower, snowflake, mantis, girl, boy, servant, mother, fairy, monster, damsel, ghost, bird, angel, demon, “component of string theory”, and myself, among many others. Also, I make a fantastic “fish face”.


CastilloOdrin Castillo, DO | Touro University
From: San Francisco, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I spent my third year at a smaller community hospital in Long Beach, and I fell in love with the people, the food, and the sunshine that the city had to offer. I applied to Long Beach Memorial during 4th year, excited by the possibility of staying in Long Beach for another three years (in spite of my undying love for the Bay Area). During my interview, everyone I met was warm, kind, and passionate—exactly the type of people I wanted to surround myself with during residency. This, along with a strong commitment to underserved populations and rigorous academic training offered at Long Beach Memorial, made me sure that this was the program for me.
Medical Interests: Medical education, LGBT health, HIV medicine, public health & mentoring.
Hobbies: Disneyland, food ventures, writing, cooking, board games, crossword puzzles, Mario Kart, musicals, the San Francisco Giants & the Golden State Warriors.
Fun Fact About Yourself: I started out undergrad as a music major. I still regularly have (literal and figurative) dreams of leading an a cappella group or show choir to a national championship.


ChangWalter Chang, MD | UC Davis
From: Hayward, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I chose Long Beach Memorial as my training site for its collegiality and supportive team learning environment. During my interview and revisit days, I enjoyed seeing residents learn from and teach each other as they provided good care for their patients. The program’s solid broad spectrum training (with a good volume of Peds, OB, and adult medicine patients) and opportunities for community engagement made it clear that training at LBMMC would be a great fit, consistent with my goal of being able to serve diverse patient populations. Being originally from Northern California, I also felt ready to spread my wings and explore what Southern California has to offer!
Medical Interests: Behavioral health, child development, global health, underserved medicine & urgent care.
Hobbies: Learning different languages, playing the viola, playing board/card games, snorkeling, snowboarding & community gardening
Fun Fact About Yourself: I’ve played in orchestras on four different continents and I’ve ridden both types of camels.


GohMindy Goh, DO | Western University

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I first became interested in Long Beach Memorial’s FM program because of its great reputation and its proximity to my hometown. I was looking for a well-rounded, community-based program with strong training in outpatient procedures, pediatrics and inpatient medicine. After completing a Sub-I here during my 4th year I knew this was the program for me, not only because it offers the rigorous and broad training that I was looking for, but also because of the camaraderie between the residents and the supportive faculty and staff.
Medical Interests: Many! But if I had to pick a few…procedures, women’s health, pediatrics, and community, adult and inpatient medicine.
Hobbies: Cooking and eating, traveling, and binge watching TV/Netflix.
Fun Fact About Yourself: My two biggest fears are heights and spiders, and I love building IKEA furniture.


GonzalezCynthia Gonzalez, MD, MBA | UC Irvine
From: Los Angeles, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? LBM family medicine is a special place because of the people! During my Sub-I I had the opportunity to see first-hand the team culture at this program. I especially appreciate the pre-clinic huddles with the staff. Their mutual respect is very evident. The program offers full-spectrum family medicine training, community engagement, and a diverse patient population, which checked off all the boxes. The residents and faculty are supportive and share my passion for under-resourced communities and that made me feel at home…and I love LB!
Medical Interests: So many – that’s the beauty of family medicine! The Latino under-resourced community, the homeless population, immigrant health, geriatrics, underserved/community medicine, preventive medicine, LGBTQ health, global medicine, women’s health, pipeline programs and mentorship.
Hobbies: Lounging with my cats (Chula and Willy), traveling, spending time with my family (especially my 98-year-old grandma) & friends, dancing, watching the Lakers play, watching ID, and Friends/HIMYM reruns.
Fun Fact About Yourself: I have been to Mexico, Chile, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Vietnam, and Thailand. I can’t wait to get more stamps!


GornesChris Gornes, MD| Virginia Commonwealth
From: Plano, TX

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine is the perfect combination of everything I was looking for in a residency program, both professionally and personally: strong academic training, consistent commitment to service, abundant opportunities for global outreach, and it’s very close to the South Bay where I’m from and where I still have family. But ultimately what really made me choose Long Beach were the people I met. Every interaction I had with the program, from the coordinator and faculty to each and every resident I met, made me feel welcome and accepted. The residents and faculty seem happy to be at work and eager to teach and collaborate. It’s an environment where I can see myself being truly happy during residency.
Medical Interests: Pediatrics and adolescent medicine; mental health; diabetes, nutrition & lifestyle; and global medicine.
Hobbies: Baking, reading, playing with my kids, visiting farmer’s markets, horseback riding, camping, eating, Netflix binge-watching, and hanging out in my pajamas all day.
Fun Fact About Yourself: My husband and I have two boys (Adrien is 9yrs old and Elliot is 4yrs old) and a beagle named Ziggy, so life in our house is never dull (or quiet)!


SandovalSusana Sandoval, MD | USC
From: Long Beach, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? This family medicine program has a great reputation, and I was born in Long Beach Memorial and grew up in the community, so it was an easy decision! Growing up I’ve experienced first-hand the vital role this medical center plays in providing healthcare to the large and diverse patient population within Long Beach and its surrounding cities. During the interview trail, when comparing it to other top notch programs in the LA area, I had no doubt I’d receive exceptional training here. In addition to strong and rigorous training, I also wanted a program with a well-balanced and friendly learning environment. Furthermore, the opportunity to engage in meaningful community outreach programs during residency was also very important in my decision.
Medical Interests: Community medicine, preventive medicine, behavioral health, improving health outcomes in minority populations, mentorship, and pipeline programs for underserved youth interested in medicine.
Hobbies: Sunday fun-days with my husband, cooking, spinning classes, intramural softball and volleyball, and watching Canelo Alvarez boxing matches.
Fun Fact About Yourself: I have a large and closely-knit family whom I visit often in Jalisco, Mexico, including 42 maternal first-cousins! I can tell you their names, but am still working on remembering their birthdays.


ShahAnokhi Shah, MD | Saint Louis University
From: Elk Grove Village, IL

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I chose Long Beach because I loved that it was a community-based program that had great inpatient and outpatient training. Additionally, there were so many ways to get involved in the community that the residency offered. After coming for my interview, I enjoyed my time so much with all the residents and faculty I met and knew it would be a great fit for me.
Medical Interests: Underserved medicine, patient advocacy, public health, women’s health.
Hobbies: Drawing, coloring, karate, cooking, eating, and exploring new places.
Fun Fact About Yourself: I have a black belt in karate and I’ve been to 3 death metal concerts.


ChenCynthia Chen, DO | Western University
From: Yorba Linda, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I feel that the training at Long Beach Memorial was unique when compared with many other programs that I had seen. The program is a community hospital that offered high patient exposure with plenty of procedure experience on rotation and in the ED, which is exactly what I am looking for. Even with the high work load, every single resident and faculty member was kind and made an effort to teach. I felt that that Long Beach Memorial was a program where I could flourish as a physician, and where I could truly receive the best possible training as a resident.
Medical Interests: Public health and policy, maternal and child health, global medicine, and procedures
Hobbies: Traveling, eating, cooking, reading, gymning, and binge watching TV shows while eating chips, salsa and guac :).
Fun Fact About Yourself: I just got married in March! I played piano for 12 years. I love avocados, and I greatly dislike crunchy foods (like nuts).


HernandezGerardo Hernandez, MD | UC Davis
From: Maywood, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? The city of Long Beach has always held a special place in my heart. Having completed my undergrad at CSULB (GO BEACH!), volunteered at St. Mary’s, and worked at the Long Beach VA in clinical research, Long Beach has given me the opportunity to interact with and serve a diverse population and address the ongoing health disparities within such a large area in Los Angeles County. As I was applying to residency, I knew that my heart was in Los Angeles because my mission in medicine was always to come back home and serve the people I grew up with. During interviews, Long Beach Memorial has always stood out to me because of their amazing residents and supportive faculty and staff. Long Beach Memorial had it all: full spectrum family medicine, emphasis in health policy, outstanding community service, a focused track in OB, a great pediatric hospital, and sports medicine. With such a large set of options during residency, the faculty are well equipped to help guide you to fulfill your interests in medicine and take you to a whole new level in leadership. The support at Long Beach Memorial is amazing, from the clinic staff to faculty. Everyone is genuinely invested in your learning and education and want you to succeed. I am super happy to be training at Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine Program and serving the communities in need.
Medical Interests: Underserved medicine, preventive and community medicine, and mentorship with underrepresented minorities interested in the health field.
Hobbies: Playing music, going to concerts, and discovering new music are some of my favorite things to do! Other hobbies include reading fictional books, hiking, and playing soccer.
Fun Fact About Yourself: Harry Potter is my best friend, Han Solo is my uncle, and Gandalf is my grandpa!


LuDenise Lu, DO | Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
From: San Jose, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I initially became interested in the LBMMC program because of the reputation of the hospital and by hearing the great experiences other students had while rotating with the program. It was important for me to find a program that was community-focused and fully embraced the meaning of a family physician in the curriculum. After meeting the staff and residents and meeting patients as a fourth-year Sub-I, I knew I would feel at home at this program and receive the support and challenges that I need to grow as a physician.
Medical Interests: I chose family medicine because I have lots of interests in many different medical fields but I especially love women’s health, obstetrics, adolescent medicine, community-oriented culturally-focused medicine, and sports medicine.
Hobbies: I enjoy all things fitness – running, yoga, Pilates, strength training & hiking. I also enjoy planning trips and reading. I am a huge animal lover.
Fun Fact About Yourself: I was the proud parent of Spike, a chinchilla, for 7 years. Prior to going into medical school I was a Pilates instructor.


MastinBrittany Mastin, DO | Western University
From: I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, so Long Beach isn’t far from home. Except of course when there is traffic, which let’s face it, there always is. Honestly, I might as well be from Oregon. After spending 4 years in Pennsylvania at Bucknell University, I decided it was time to venture back toward home and serve the community that raised me.

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? The commitment to community outreach and the strong curriculum drew me to LBMMC. In addition to being a great family medicine program where I felt I would get excellent training, I really enjoyed the program’s comraderie and collaborative mentality. After completing a month- long sub-internship here, it quickly felt like home. The strong sense of community provides a wonderful learning and working environment. I’m thrilled to be a part of the LBMMC family!
Medical Interests: Women’s health and family planning, community medicine & health policy.
Hobbies: Traveling, baking, board games, hiking and spending time with family and friends.
Fun Fact About Yourself: For my 8th birthday party my parents set up an obstacle course in my back yard, complete with a bike race, Slip ’N Slide and a zip line. I secretly (now publically) want to re-create this for my next birthday.


PhanLeah Phan, DO | Touro University
From: Westminster, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I’ve spent most of my life in SoCal and having the opportunity to come back to serve in my community is a true honor. I wanted a diverse training program with a strong emphasis on both inpatient and outpatient medicine. I also wanted to continue working with underserved populations in my local community and LBM had it all! From my first emails with the staff to my wonderful interview day, I knew that Long Beach Memorial was where I wanted to train.
Medical Interests: Preventive medicine, community health and access, and underserved populations.
Hobbies: Traveling, cooking, hiking & being outdoors!
Fun Fact About Yourself: I once caught a 39.9 lb tuna…and there’s a video on YouTube.


RamirezJulie Ramirez, DO | Western University
From: I grew up in Los Angeles, which means my favorite childhood memories include going to Dodger games, free summer night events in downtown LA with family and friends, and going to concerts.

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? Long Beach Memorial encompasses everything I was looking for in a program. There are several community outreach opportunities; we see such a diverse population, strong inpatient and women’s health, along with a very supportive faculty, employees and residents all who enjoy teaching.
Medical Interests: I love community medicine. I enjoy working in pipeline programs and peer groups that teach adolescents empowerment tools. Community Medicine allows us to address the social aspects and barriers we see in the communities we serve. I believe working on community projects is key for preventive health because we get to know our patients outside of the clinical environment.
Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, including road trips to different parts of California. My favorite trip has been traveling to Peru, where I stayed for 15 days with only the bare essentials that I carried in my small backpack.
Fun Fact About Yourself: During undergrad I studied abroad in Puebla, Mexico. Every weekend I explored a different city, including Oaxaca with its silver mines, Acapulco, and Tenochtitlan back when it was still permitted to walk up the pyramids.


RuizEdric Ruiz, MD | UC Davis
From: West Covina, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I chose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine because of its commitment to creating a supportive, and welcoming environment for residents. All the residents and faculty I met on interview day were very nice and genuinely interested in getting to know the applicants. The program is in Long Beach, which is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country. I knew this would prepare me to become cognizant of the health disparities affecting such a diverse population. Long Beach Memorial also gives me the opportunity to continue my passion for mentorship. Through specific outreach programs, we have the unique opportunity to work directly in the community to inspire and empower the youth with the knowledge to create change and pursue higher education.
Medical Interests: Community medicine, palliative care, sports medicine and mentorship.
Hobbies: I love sports, especially basketball and soccer. I love the Lakers. I enjoy eating, watching films, trying to read more, and running.
Fun Fact About Yourself: I enjoy Korean dramas; my favorite Korean actor is Lee Jong-Suk.


ShastriAditi Shastri, MD | Drexel University
From: Berkeley, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? The people I met on interview day were perhaps the biggest influence on my decision. The faculty, staff, and residents were genuinely happy and down to earth. The residents were extremely passionate about the program and the supportive, collaborative environment in which they trained. I was excited about Long Beach Memorial because it provides strong training across the board – in outpatient medicine, inpatient medicine, women’s health, peds, and procedures. Like most family medicine enthusiasts, I have many areas of interest and my interests keep evolving. I knew I would get rigorous training in whatever aspect of family medicine I was drawn to during residency. To top it off, the program’s sincere commitment to engaging with the broader community to provide education and access to care really resonated with my interests and I knew it would be a great fit!
Medical Interests: Global health, preventive medicine, procedures, urgent care, and providing access to underserved populations.
Hobbies: Traveling and exploring new cultures, hiking, playing board games, crossword puzzles and yoga.
Fun Fact About Yourself: I’m 100% from India, but I’m often confused for being from other another country. I’m at 8 countries and counting!