PGY-1, Class of 2027

  • Saloni Butala, DO | Western
  • Clare DaSilva, MD | UC Irvine
  • Michael Glidewell, MD, MPH | Tulane
  • Caroline Kelmis, MD | University of South Florida
  • Emily Korba, MD, MPH | UT Southwestern
  • Annie Odelson, MD | USC
  • Ryan Shiesha, DO | Touro University California
  • Samantha Singal, MD | Vanderbilt

PGY-2, Class of 2026

  • Charlecia Aikins, MD | Medical College of Georgia
  • Alexander Alvarez, MD, PhD | Arizona – Tucson
  • Madison Ford, MD | Michigan State University – College of Human Medicine
  • Meghan Kennedy, MD | USC
  • Dania Maldonado, MD, MPH | UC Irvine
  • Nabeth Midley, DO | Michigan State University – College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Timothy Wiher, MD, MBA | UC Irvine
  • Serah Yim, MD | UC Irvine

PGY-3, Class of 2025

  • Dristi Angdembey, MD, MPH | USC (chief resident)
  • Kendall Frisoli, MD | Loyola University Chicago
  • Cassidy Koo, MD | UC Riverside
  • Sherry Reddix, MD, MA, MPH | Tufts
  • Christina Sanchez-Grew, MD | Vermont
  • Patrick Shibley, MD | UCSF
  • Wendy Silva, MD | USC
  • Eduardo Torres, MD | USC (chief resident)

Saloni Butala, DO – Western
From: Torrance, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? The first day I walked into Long Beach Memorial, I felt at home. Each day I spent here, I felt inspired by the residents, faculty, and staff. I loved this environment of individuals with diverse passions coming together to share their knowledge with one another and build each other up. I valued the full-spectrum training and special opportunities to engage in my own personal interests (sports medicine, women’s health, and community health). Not only that, I appreciated the role residents could play in further engaging the community and establishing community partnerships. I felt as though the opportunities to learn and also laugh were infinite at Long Beach Memorial. To practice medicine at Long Beach Memorial alongside such incredible people is a dream come true!

Medical Interests: Sports medicine, community medicine, women’s health, preventative medicine, health education, mentorship

Hobbies: photography, stargazing, traveling, hiking, yoga, paddle boarding, spending time at the beach, watching sunsets

Fun Fact About Yourself: I danced in the London New Year’s Day Parade! 

Clare DaSilva – UC Irvine
From: Danville, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I chose Long Beach Memorial FM because of the opportunity to strengthen my clinical skills in a supportive community. I value the commitment of faculty, staff, and residents to cultivate safe spaces for learning and mentorship. I was also drawn to a dynamic curriculum that will allow me to delve further into my clinical interests while receiving comprehensive training. Lastly, I’m excited to facilitate healing within the diverse patient population in Long Beach!

Medical Interests: Sexual and reproductive health (including family planning and abortion care), behavioral health, LGBTQ+ health, community advocacy, addiction medicine

Hobbies: hiking, spa days, going to flea markets, spending time with loved ones, reading, playing Sudoku, watching reality tv, live concerts, traveling, trying different restaurants/foods

Fun Fact About Yourself: I hiked a 14er while living in CO; I played soccer for ~13 years; I can recite the alphabet backwards without hesitation 

Michael Glidewell, MD, MPH – Tulane
From: La Cañada, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? After living in New Orleans for medical school, I knew that I wanted to come back home to So Cal where the weather is just a little bit better. In addition to it being in my desired location, Long Beach Memorial had everything that I was looking for in a training program. I wanted a program that has strong inpatient and outpatient training with plentiful opportunities to provide care to a diverse patient population. I also wanted a program with a commitment to equity in healthcare and social justice; I was immediately drawn in by LBM’s ample opportunities to engage in underserved medicine, LGBTQ medicine, reproductive medicine, and much more. In particular, the ability to be certified as an HIV specialist upon graduation through the LGBTQ medicine area of concentration is something I’m very excited about. Ultimately, getting to explore all of my interests is great, but what really sealed the deal for me was seeing for myself how kind and welcoming everyone was during my interview day and how every resident I talked to was so genuinely happy to be at LBM.

Medical Interests: Prevention/public health, LGBTQ medicine, HIV medicine, reproductive medicine, underserved medicine, addiction medicine/harm reduction, community medicine

Hobbies: Video games, board games, rock climbing (mostly bouldering), charcuterie (eating more than making), hiking, spending time with friends and family 

Fun Fact About Yourself: My hair was long for most of med school. I love sour candy. I studied classical civilization in college.

Caroline Kelmis, MD – University of South Florida
From: Vernon Hills, IL

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I chose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as my training site because of their broad-spectrum training with a curriculum that quickly evolves based on the needs of the community and interests of the residents. LBFM treats a very diverse patient population which will allow me the best learning environment and be trained in a culturally sensitive way alongside colleagues who care about trauma-informed care, advocacy, and decreasing health disparities. I knew I was in the right place when I heard stories of residents and faculty starting a food pantry in the clinic as well as partnering with a local doula organization. I could tell the LBFM family were extremely passionate and caring, and I wanted to be a part of that.

Medical Interests: Community medicine, addiction medicine, lifestyle medicine, women’s health, LGBTQ health

Hobbies: Exercise, long walks, going to sporting events with my husband, game nights with friends

Fun Fact About Yourself: I have pretty good hand-eye coordination and taught myself to juggle when I was younger. This has also made me very competitive for games like darts or pop-a-shot (the basketball game in arcades). 

Emily Korba, MD, MPH – UT Southwestern
From: Austin, TX

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I was searching for a program that would support my career/curricular interests, and Long Beach Memorial was strong in policy, LGBTQ+ healthcare / HIV medicine, and reproductive healthcare. Equally important, I could tell that this was a very close-knit and supportive program, which was really important to me as I would be moving from Texas without friends or family in the area. And finally, when I visited Long Beach I really loved everything about it – the community, the weather, the walkability, and so forth. It felt like a great place to take the next step of my career. 

Medical Interests: Public health policy, health equity, reproductive healthcare and family planning, community medicine, HIV medicine, gender-affirming care, mentorship, medical education

Hobbies: Beach volleyball, hiking, acoustic guitar, women’s soccer (excited to become an Angel City FC fan!), jigsaw puzzles, minecraft.

Fun Fact About Yourself: I played college volleyball, I have a cat named Benjamin, and my partner and I recently completed the 4-day Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu!

Annie Odelson, MD – USC
From: San Diego, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site?  I chose Long Beach Memorial to be my new home for multiple reasons! I was first drawn to the program for its robust curriculum focusing on a wide range of topics that cover my many (many many) areas of interest, especially its area of concentration dedicated to reproductive healthcare. I knew that with this type of training, I would come out of residency a well-rounded, comprehensive physician able to provide the best possible care to my patients. What really cemented my choice though was the people I met during the interview process. Each resident and faculty member I talked to during the interview and socials was so supportive and amazing, making me feel like I had truly found a “family” at LBMFM.

Medical Interests: Women’s healthcare, reproductive health and family planning, addiction medicine, community medicine

Hobbies: Bike riding, reading, jigsaw puzzling, baking and trying new cookie recipes, traveling

Fun Fact About Yourself: I got my baking skills from my mom who was a chef, but unfortunately her cooking skills skipped a generation!

Ryan Shiesha, DO – Touro
From: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site?  The family medicine residency program at Long Beach Memorial is outstanding in terms of educational diversity. There are so many tracks to take part in and really expand your expertise as a provider. But what really drew me to Long Beach Memorial was the people. The community of Long Beach is wonderfully diverse, so providers learn how to be culturally and structurally competent naturally throughout training. The faculty, residents, nursing staff, and M.A.’s were all welcoming, warm people who were interested in teaching and cared deeply about their patients. During my audition rotation, I felt comfortable asking questions and just generally being myself. So in short terms, it felt like home!

Medical Interests: OB/GYN, LGBTQ medicine, Addiction medicine, Sports medicine, Reproductive health, Community Medicine

Other languages spoken: Spanish

Hobbies: Weightlifting, hiking, any beach activity, video games

Fun Fact About Yourself: I have two beautiful cats Dakota and Alara. Before medicine I was a marine biologist studying mantis shrimp. I worked at In-N-Out for 4 years.

Samantha Singal, MD – Vanderbilt
From: Long Beach, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I spent four formative years of my life in Long Beach during high school, and the city left an indelible impression that remained even after 10 years away. Returning for an away rotation during my fourth year of medical school was a kind of homecoming. The residents, faculty, and staff were incredibly warm and welcoming. The patients were representative of the striking diversity, in all definitions of the word, that is so unique about this city. And the opportunities to develop skills in community health, addiction medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, LGBTQ+ care, and family planning within such a familial environment sealed the deal. After attending a medical school without a family medicine department, I am so excited to train alongside similarly passionate individuals to care for a community near and dear to my heart.

Medical Interests: Health justice, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, behavioral health, addiction medicine, LGBTQ+ care.

Other languages spoken: Spanish

Hobbies: Hiking, traveling, reading library books, watching movies at home and in theaters, eating good food, cooking, hot girl walks, running/exercising, is drinking wine a hobby?

Fun Fact About Yourself: I walked on to the varsity rugby team in college and walked off with 2 concussions; I was a filmmaking major and my thesis was set in Cape Town, South Africa; I have two cats, one from Baltimore and one from Venezuela.

Charlecia Aikins, MD – Medical College of Georgia
From: Augusta, GA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? There were several factors that led me to choose Long Beach Memorial as my new home! First and foremost, the Southern California weather is truly unmatched, and I find the vibrant and diverse community of Long Beach to be warm and inviting. The positive energy and inclusive atmosphere of the city resonated with me, and I knew that I wanted to be a part of a community where my family and I could feel safe and included. Furthermore, I have a passion for LGBTQ Health and Reproductive Health. I believe that Long Beach Memorial will provide me with the knowledge, skills, and support needed to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those a part of the LGBTQ community and contribute to advancing reproductive healthcare. Also, Long Beach Memorial’s commitment to anti-racism, and their recognition of the need for more Black and Brown faculty and residents demonstrates their understanding of the importance of diversity and representation in healthcare which played a crucial role in my decision to choose this program. I am eager to join the Long Beach Memorial community, contribute to its mission, and make a positive impact on the health and well-being of the diverse population we will serve together.

Medical Interests: LGBTQ Health, Reproductive Health (Family Planning and Abortion Care), Community Medicine, Advocacy for underserved minorities.

Hobbies: I enjoy outdoor activities (Kayaking, Nature Walks, Rock Climbing, Lounging on the Beach), crocheting (Blankets, Scarfs, Dresses), jewelry making (Bracelets, Anklets), and spending quality time with my family.

Fun Fact About Yourself: My favorite movie is “Happy Feet”.

Alex Alvarez, MD, PhD – University of Arizona, Tucson
From: Albuquerque, NM

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site?  The people – the residents and the attendings at Long Beach Memorial – drew me in immediately. At the Zoom interview, the social, and an informal second look event, I felt that these people would be my family. I was captivated by the overwhelming sense of support and camaraderie among residents, where everyone prioritized not only their own health and well-being but also that of their peers. I also appreciate the program’s continued efforts toward equity and justice and its recognition of systemic issues of racism that take systemic solutions to address within healthcare.
Additionally, I am excited about the breadth of experience the program will give for every part of my career as a Family Medicine practitioner. I love the opportunity to pursue many of my interests in the tracks and related curriculum in the program. The POCUS, LGBTQIA+, and Community Medicine portions of the curriculum aligned well with my interests and made me excited to pursue these interests further as a resident.

Medical Interests: Working toward social justice and health equity, especially in underserved populations. LGBTQIA+ medicine, including but not limited to gender-affirming care. Full spectrum family medicine. Rural medicine. Community-centered and preventative medicine. POCUS in primary care. Medical education and research.

Other languages spoken: Spanish

Hobbies:  Running, Puerto Rican cooking, eating good food, drinking good coffee, dancing to reggaeton, working on my partner’s film sets, drag shows, cycling, soccer.

Fun Facts About Yourself:   I got a PhD in Biomedical Engineering studying novel ultrasound technologies. I once acted in a film where I turned into a snail. I’m a desert rat who lived in Albuquerque & Tucson for all 30 years of my life before Long Beach.

Madison Ford, MD – Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
From: Bloomfield Hills, MI

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? I chose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine for so many reasons! The number one reason? The people! I was lucky enough to do an away rotation here and meet the amazing residents, faculty and staff that make MFM such a unique place to train. A supportive team environment was one of the number one things I was looking for in a residency program and I sure found that here! From outpatient clinic visits to inpatient rounding in was clear that I would be able to learn how to become a compassionate physician who would strive to make an impact in their community. Being able to serve and advocate for a diverse and underserved community was also a big reason why I chose Long Beach. I also loved the opportunities to get involved in community medicine, learn from behavioral health professionals and hands on learning in sports medicine! 

Medical Interests: Sports medicine, community medicine, refugee/immigrant health, preventative medicine, behavioral health, health advocacy, lifestyle medicine, mentoring and teaching within medical education!

Other languages spoken: Spanish

Hobbies: Playing soccer or any other sport, trying to cook new recipes, going to concerts, spending time with family and friends.

Fun Facts About Yourself: In 5th grade I taught myself how to ride a unicycle, the same year I won a pudding eating contest. I haven’t peaked since. I also played soccer in college.  

Meghan Kennedy, MD – USC
From: Palos Verdes, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site?   I chose Long Beach Memorial for my residency for so many reasons! The robust curriculum will give me the opportunity to explore all of my areas of interest (and there are many!), and I’m excited about the possibility of participating in a reproductive health area of concentration. But what sealed the deal for me was how warm, inviting, and enthusiastic the faculty and residents were during the interview process. I really felt the “family” vibes and knew I would feel at home here! And the fact that I can live by the beach and stay so close to my family in the South Bay was icing on the cake.

Medical Interests: Reproductive health and family planning, addiction medicine, lifestyle medicine, pediatrics

Hobbies: Hot yoga, reading (everything from thrillers to romance!), exploring new restaurants, scuba diving, snowboarding (and recently skiing), anything involving the beach, but mostly spending time with my friends and family and playing with my puppy! 

Fun Fact About Yourself: I have a 6-month-old miniature bernedoodle pup, Chloe, who also can’t wait to make new friends in residency! 

Dania Maldonado, MD, MPH – UC Irvine
From: Whittier, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site?  I chose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine because it provides an environment where I can learn and grow as a physician while also allowing me to focus on my passion for women’s health, community medicine, and global health. With various tracks, I can gain expertise and improve my skills in areas of interest through clinical and academic opportunities while working with a diverse patient population. Above all, learning about the faculty and staff’s dedication to creating a supportive learning environment and helping residents become well-rounded physicians drew me the most. They truly understand the complexity of medical training and are dedicated to giving us the best opportunity to succeed. With this combination of specialized education and dedicated faculty, I am confident I can achieve my goals and pursue my passions in community engagement, women’s health, health advocacy, and mentorship. 

Medical Interests: Community medicine, women’s health, family planning, chronic disease management, global health, preventive medicine, procedures, mentorship, health education, and teaching

Other languages spoken: Spanish

Hobbies:  I love cooking and experimenting with new recipes, hiking, paddle boarding, Zumba, walks on the beach, and spending time with family. 

Fun Fact About Yourself:  I recently dived into the world of gardening, and I’m really enjoying learning how to care for my collection of succulents!

Nabeth Midley, DO – Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
From: Walnut, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? 

While researching the many wonderful family medicine residency programs across the country, Long Beach Memorial stood out to me as a program committed to training future leaders to care for underserved populations. That’s why I was thrilled to be welcomed as an inaugural recipient of their URM Scholarship and thoroughly enjoyed auditioning as a 4th-year medical student! From my first day in the hospital to my last day on the outpatient service, I was greeted warmly by all the staff I encountered and marveled at how well residents and faculty worked together to advocate for patients and each other.

I believe that all my experiences have prepared me for this career and was overjoyed to learn that I had matched at my #1 choice. As a SoCal native, I was also eager to return home and experience sunshine again; Long Beach definitely fits the bill and I’m looking forward to embarking on this journey alongside such a down-to-earth, supportive, and smart group of people!

Medical Interests: Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Geriatrics, Addiction Medicine, Street Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Global Health, Mental Health, Integrative Medicine, Pediatrics (sometimes), Patient Education, Peer Education, and Mentorship.

Other languages spoken: Spanish

Hobbies:  Streaming it all, reading, hanging with family and friends, amateur mixology, exploring good food, travel, live music, cooking, daydreaming about getting a dog, and window shopping.

Fun Fact About Yourself:  I used to play the alto saxophone and was 2nd chair in the All-State and All-Southern California Honor Band and Orchestra Groups in middle school but can barely read music now.  I was almost on the WTTV Chicago TV show “Check, Please!” where people who have eaten at different types of restaurants in the city are interviewed like food critics. When I was little, I collected puppets and even created my own for a book report presentation.

Timothy Wiher, MD, MBA – UC Irvine
From: Irvine, CA; Santa Rosa, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site?  I felt like Family Medicine was really valued and appreciated here at LBM. I think LBM is the perfect place to get a well-rounded and rigorous training from amazing faculty. There’s also so many different kinds of people in Long Beach all living in one city and making it work, so I liked the diversity.

Medical Interests: Broad-spectrum family medicine, direct primary care, mental health, integrative medicine, sports medicine, health IT and electronic medical records

Hobbies:  Soccer, volleyball, surfing, reading/listening to podcasts about macroeconomics, and philosophy

Fun Facts About Yourself:  I played trumpet in the marching band at Irvine High School. I have dual US-Swiss citizenship. I listen to electronic music. I cut my own hair to save money.

Serah Yim, MD – UC Irvine
From: Hacienda Heights, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site? Long Beach Memorial first caught my attention during MS3 rotations when I met an awesome and admirable LBMFM resident whose values looked similar to mine and who had nothing but good things to say about the program. I was struck by how genuinely happy and well she seemed during the infamous intern year. Interview day gave me the impression that I would feel supported and right at home here. On paper, the program had everything I wanted: RHEDI certification, a reputation for well-rounded training, respect from physicians I look up to, and tracks to further my training in women’s health and health policy. 

Medical Interests: Full spectrum care (inpatient and outpatient medicine, in-office procedures, etc.), advocacy and care for underserved populations including those in challenging geographic locations, family planning, holistic care 

Other languages spoken: Korean

Hobbies:  Hiking, snowboarding, cooking empty-the-fridge meals, doing anything with my dogs, listening to audiobooks, photosynthesizing in the California sun (with SPF!), doing my nails, traveling “like a local,” workouts focused on functional movement patterns

Fun Fact About Yourself: I participated in a power lifting competition once. Got first place in my weight class despite failing half my lifts! (Ask me how!) 

Dristi Angdembey, MD – USC
From: Kathmandu, Nepal and Cypress, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site?   I was fortunate enough to have my MS3 OB/Gyn and Pediatrics at Long Beach where I met family medicine residents who were so enthusiastic about family medicine and the program. They had nothing but great things to say. Then during my fourth year interview season, I went to the in-person social and loved getting to know the residents and more about the program. On interview day, the faculty and the residents made me feel right at home. I just got the feeling that Long Beach was the right place for me. 

Medical Interests: Family planning, reproductive justice, pediatrics, global health

Other languages spoken: Hindi, Nepali

Hobbies:  Hiking, yoga, dancing, reading, cooking, traveling, spending time with my husband, family and friends

Fun Fact About Yourself:  I’m a dog lover recently turned to cat mom!

Kendall Frisoli, MD – Loyola University Chicago
From: Thousand Oaks, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site?   A family invested in the diverse eclectic community we serve, with a strong foundation in lifelong learning and academics, Long Beach Memorial stands for everything I am passionate about and more. Having the LGBTQ and Community Medicine tracks, in addition to global health opportunities, I mean, could it be too good to be true? LBM will therefore allow me to be me, growing into the physician I want to be. The opportunities are vast and at our fingertips. However, ultimate, my reason for LBM is “The Vibe”. At the social, I actually felt at home, comfortable, able to be my whole self. I made a friend and colleague for life (hey hey Shelby), and just knew. Then I did a quick visit in person with my dad, and totally jived with the vibe of Long Beach. Being in a colorful neighborhood, where I can meet and connect with my fellow LGBTQ community both inside and outside of the clinic, was vital to me. I fell in love with the sun, the sounds of the waves, and all the rainbows. I knew I could have fun, smile/laugh, and be all of me, while practicing medicine at Long Beach Memorial. Cheers to a beautifully colorful journey ahead.

Medical Interests: Holistic medicine (being open to my patients’ interests and preferred mode of healing, allopathic/osteopathic, homeopathic/naturopathic, western/eastern), music therapy (using music in my practice as a tool for mental health treatment), community medicine, global medicine, LGBTQ medicine, teaching/mentoring

Hobbies:  Musician: singer/songwriter, playing guitar, music production, performing, stoked to discover all the open mics in Long Beach (check me out on Spotify: KENDALL). Outdoor adventures: jogging, hiking/trekking (usually getting lost to find the ultimate waterfall or view), kayaking, gardening, just standing outside and soaking in the sun, yes, the sun is definitely a hobby. Sports/games: volleyball, frisbee, table tennis, corn hole, spike ball, double solitaire, really any game/challenge. Traveling abroad: usually solo travel but currently working on traveling with companions (might prevent future motor bike accidents and tattoos). Working out and cooking without a recipe in the kitchen. Laughing, giggling, and laughing at my own jokes.

Fun Fact About Yourself:  I have a birthmark in my left eye (not sure if that is medically accurate, but there is definitely something going on in my left eye). I’m getting a tattoo inspired by each place I travel…abroad, sorry mom.

Cassidy Koo, MD – UC Riverside
From: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site?  I chose Long Beach Memorial FM because of the awesome residents and faculty I met on interview day and at the social, the reputation of the program for providing well-rounded training, and the environment of encouraging residents to explore their special interests! I was excited about the tracks in Community Health, Family Planning, and Global Health. I felt that this residency program would help me become the type of family physician I have dreamed of being, within a supportive community and having fun in the process!

Medical Interests: Inpatient and outpatient medicine, pediatrics/adolescent care, family planning, community medicine and underserved populations

Hobbies:  Traveling the world, spending time with my dog, hiking, enjoying the outdoors, trying new foods and restaurants, singing and playing the guitar, playing ping pong, lifting weights at the gym, and binge-watching new TV shows!

Fun Fact About Yourself:  I have a 6-month-old pup named Dalmi who I adore! I have seen my favorite TV show Friends about 7 times now (usually have it playing in the background while folding laundry or doing things around the house). During the summer between MS1 and MS2 my partner and I backpacked for one month through five different countries in Southeast Asia!

Sherry Reddix, MD, MA, MPH – Tufts
From: Madison, MS

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site?  One of the reasons that I chose Long Beach for my training was because of the unparalleled curriculum: ample tracks, RHEDI certification, and opportunities to develop and expand my own myriad of interests. I was also drawn to the racially and ethnically diverse patient population and the opportunity to care for patients from gender minorities and underserved populations. In addition, the palpable warmth, hospitality, and authenticity during all of my interactions with faculty and residents were influential in my decision. Finally, it was imperative to me that I trained at a program that would allow me to be unapologetically Black; I wanted to train at a program that not only tolerated my identity as a Black woman, but celebrated it. I believe Long Beach does just that!

Other languages spoken: French

Medical Interests: Reproductive and sexual health for Black women and other women of color, family planning & abortion care, social justice & health equity, addiction medicine & harm reduction, advocacy for underserved populations, trauma-informed care, community health, behavioral health

Hobbies:  Experimenting with fashion, makeup artistry, hair styles, and nail designs; planning events and parties, staging table decor, and designing home interiors; traveling through Europe and South America in spite of my terrible sense of direction; teaching myself how to play my ukulele; shopping despite my crippling student loan debt #materialgworl

Fun Fact About Yourself:  I love naming inanimate objects; everything that is special to me has a name. I memorized 150 digits of pi in 9th grade. I’m from Mississippi, but I don’t have an accent (sorry to disappoint).

Christina Sanchez-Grew, MD – University of Vermont
From: Malone, NY

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site?  I was looking for a program that truly provides broad-spectrum training, specifically in obstetrics and pediatrics, in a diverse city with a large Spanish speaking population, alongside supportive people who share a commitment to caring for our underserved community members. Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine Residency program really stood out to me because it has all of this and more. Every person I met on interview day was warm, welcoming, kind and enthusiastic, and it was apparent to me that we all shared similar values. As someone interested in procedures, having autonomy, and being heavily involved in patient care, I appreciate that this program is unopposed. I also really like the unique aspect of our program in which residents see all clinic patients in the ED; this emphasizes continuity of care and allows us to gain competence in taking care of our patients in any setting. I appreciate the flexibility within the program to allow us to tailor our training to our specific interests through the various areas of concentration and generous elective time. Last but not least, you can’t beat living in Southern California and being so close to the beach!

Medical Interests: Women’s health including obstetrics, pediatrics including adolescent medicine, community medicine, global health, mental health & addiction

Other languages spoken: Spanish

Hobbies:  Yoga, longboarding, skiing/snowboarding, hiking, traveling, dancing, kicking it with friends, catching the sunset, eating delicious food!

Fun Fact About Yourself:  I travel any chance I get and have been to 28 countries so far!

Patrick Shibley, MD – UCSF
From: Long Beach, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site?  Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine felt like home to me for many reasons. Even over Zoom, I could tell that there was a unique family feeling here. The curriculum is incredibly well rounded with many areas of concentration and tons of elective time to pursue my individual interests. The patient population reflects the diversity of Long Beach, my hometown. Falling in love with the program at the interview day and social made choosing to come home to the community that shaped me that much more compelling. Now that I’m here, I am so excited to continue learning what it means to be a Family Physician while caring for a city I love!

Medical Interests: Palliative care, sports medicine, reproductive justice, community medicine, behavioral health, family planning, in-office procedures (everything really!)

Hobbies:  Spending time with my family and friends, listening to audiobooks (sci-fi, fantasy, and Stephen King especially), video games, playing volleyball and basketball, playing guitar, keeping up with the Lakers and Dodgers, and watching TV!

Fun Fact About Yourself:   I was actually born at Long Beach Memorial. I’ve also been a contestant on “The Price is Right.”

Wendy Silva, MD – USC
From: Los Angeles, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site?  I chose Long Beach Memorial for a variety of reasons. Prior to my interview, Long Beach Memorial was already a strong contender because of its dedication to caring for a diverse, underserved population similar to the community where I grew up. I also wanted a residency program where I could have full spectrum training in a supportive and encouraging environment. On my interview day, I was blown away by how kind and inviting everyone was, and I could tell that the faculty and residents had great relationships with each other. I walked away from my interview day with that ‘gut feeling’ knowing this was exactly where I was supposed to be and I am so excited to be here!

Medical Interests: Women’s health, family planning, preventative medicine, community medicine, working with underserved communities, mentorship and teaching, and so much more!

Other languages spoken: Spanish

Hobbies:  Spending time with my family and friends, board games (I can get pretty competitive), traveling, eating lots of yummy foods, and Netflix binge-watching while working on a puzzle

Fun Fact About Yourself:  Even though I hate scary movies, I love to read a murder mystery or thriller novel, especially at night! I also love any and everything related to Disney and my goal is to visit every Disneyland around the world!

Eduardo Torres, MD – USC
From: Long Beach, CA

Why did you choose Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine as your training site?  I was born and raised in Long Beach and have always called it my home. The opportunity to return and continue to learn from and serve the community that raised me is a dream come true for me. I have personal experience with family members being treated at LBM and they often comment on the wonderful care they receive during some of their most vulnerable moments. I not only chose LBM because it would mean returning home but also because of their strong commitment to serving diverse and underserved populations which closely mirrors my career goals. Furthermore, during my interview, I could instantly feel the tight knit community and supportive energy between the faculty and residents at LBM. I felt that the program would prepare me well to help whoever walks into my clinic doors in the future with their focus on comprehensive care. I was also attracted to the opportunities to participate in community medicine and mentorship programs. I am so excited for my journey with the Long Beach Memorial family!

Medical Interests: Community medicine, underserved care, working with pediatric populations, adolescent medicine, outpatient procedures, mentoring underrepresented minorities, and increasing diversity in healthcare

Other languages spoken: Spanish

Hobbies:  I enjoy reading comic books and horror and fantasy novels, keeping up with everything nerdy (Marvel, DC, Star Wars, D&D, etc.), running and weightlifting.

Fun Fact About Yourself:  You will often find me reading a novel, comic book and listening to an audiobook concurrently. I have a comic book collection that I started almost a decade ago that’s always growing. I’m somewhat of an amateur impressionist and can do a pretty convincing Goofy or Smeagol from Lord of the Rings among others.