westsidestaffWestside Neighborhood Clinic is a non-profit, community-based organization, located (predictably) on the west side of Long Beach, which serves as Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program’s community medicine site. Each second and third year resident spends four weeks providing care to the largely underserved patient population that resides in the immediate and surrounding neighborhoods.  In 2014, we successfully merged WNC with The Children’s Clinic, a multi-site FQHC based in Long Beach, allowing WNC to become a FQHC.  With this,  Westside was able to transition to electronic health records and offer a broader array of services to our patients.  In 2015, we re-established our working relationship with the City of Long Beach’s homeless clinic.

westsideclinicThe range of services at WNC includes prenatal and postnatal care, general acute and chronic care, family planning, immunizations, health education, nutrition and family counseling. A component of the clinic’s mission statement is the commitment to educate health care professionals in service to low income, culturally diverse communities. To this end, the clinic hosts family medicine residents, medical and nurse practitioner students, and medical assistant trainees in a multicultural, multidisciplinary training setting.