motion capture

Motion Capture Analysis

Every once in a while we all get that chart that is excessively thick and full of “normal” diagnostic studies. Our Sports Medicine fellowship teaches how to evaluate for points of failure in normal functional movement. The Functional Movement Assessment is designed to evaluate when the body is compensating for a functional deficit. These deficits often translate into pain. Athletes can perform any number of activities with such high demand that their bodies reach a point of failure. As in any kinetic chain, the weakest link is the point of failure.

By evaluating an athlete for basic movement and observing the kinetics behind their activity, we are able to identify the source of their pain. In medicine, we are inherently reactive. We are notoriously adept at treating acute injuries. However, this does not always address the root cause. It is important to understand that the “source” of the pain is not always synonymous with the “cause” of the pain. Evaluating functional movement can identify deficits which can lead to functional barriers.

Our collaboration with Long Beach State University allows for us to evaluate functional movement with the assistance of motion capture technology in an academic setting. Our fellows have numerous opportunities to work with the kinesiology department to expand their diagnostic acumen and hone their functional movement assessment skills.