Pro Skateboarder Jagger Eaton showing some love in the office
Franks first day on the job
Spine board training and pool extraction

Another year of the summer X games completed. This year was my triumphant return to the sideline team after exploding my ankle in 2021. If you want the details on my ankle, you can get the full story on the injury here. This years festivities started off at Elliot Sloans house for some Vert action and a mini megaramp. Stop # 2 was Axel Hodges compound for Moto. The third and final stop was the California training facility in Vista Ca.

The mini mega is an intense ramp. The drop-in on it is crazy narrow and steep. Granted it is not 9 stories high like the one from the actual Mega Ramp but it is still an intimidating beast. The mini mega was paired with a vert competition and both events went off without a hitch. It was a great time for all of us. We were able to utilize the residents on the Sports Medicine AOC track, Connor Farrel and Haley Oosterhouse.

Our medical team was also rounded out by some prior fellows. Applicants always ask “what have your prior graduates gone on to do?” I often wonder if that question is to gauge their level of success or their satisfaction with our educational program. This year at X games we had Andrew Nobe (prior fellow), Alex Hu (prior fellow), and current fellow Frank Truong in addition to the two previously mentioned residents. We take great pride in knowing that our prior fellows are still excited about working with us and helping to train future fellows.

I am looking forward to next year even more. We will be matching two fellow positions which means we get to have twice as much fun.